The Spoken Platform

The Complete Conversation Platform:
Scalable, Secure, Data-Driven, Intelligent

Other offerings that call themselves “platforms” are actually separately designed applications, assembled piecemeal from disparate teams and acquisitions, with unconnected data stores, all integrated by brute force. That’s not a platform – it’s a brittle mess.

Spoken is a true platform, built to withstand the rigorous requirements of enterprise-scale customer engagements. Welcome to a whole new paradigm for delivering excellence on a large scale.

  • Designed from the ground up for scale, multi-tenancy, security, and economy
  • Built on rich Big Data architecture and machine learning
  • Delivering a seamless solution – not a patchwork of separate apps and databases

The Spoken Platform provides the capabilities businesses with enterprise-scale customer engagement requirements need: a single platform, with a single universe of call metadata, and a Big Data store of conversation content. Applications are built using an integrated library of deep learning and AI tools. And the whole platform is designed to scale reliably, securely, and economically.

Global enterprises require contact center infrastructure that is secure, compliant with regulatory regimes (for every nation in which they operate as well as their industry), highly available, and highly performant.

The Spoken Platform fulfills the following essential requirements for all capabilities of Spoken ConversationCenter.


Architected to support multiple Spoken customers and partners, as well as multiple clients or campaigns served by the partners, the Spoken Platform leverages multi-tenancy to drive cost-effectiveness. Some competing offerings claim multi-tenancy, but actually deploy a full separate hardware configuration for each of their customers – inflating costs.

Metering and Instrumentation:

The key to high-value service delivery and customer satisfaction is deep knowledge of the customer interaction. The Spoken Platform provides fine-grained metering, and the instrumented process required to gather the data, to provide full visibility into every aspect of customer engagement and contact center operations, from the best practices to the trouble spots, and to provide utilization data for outsourcer client billing.

Security and Compliance:

Enterprises must be able to rely on their information being protected from breach and exfiltration, and must be assured compliance with the regulatory regimes that govern their locale and industry. The Spoken Platform is built at every level, from network to data to applications, for rich security and compliance. Globally distributed data and process redundancy supports uninterrupted operations. For more information, see the detailed Security and Compliance page.


Businesses need to update many aspects of their contact center environment every day. New agents must be brought online and former agents removed; new programs and promotions can require changes in IVR workflows and recordings as well as ACD assignments and scripts. Outsourcers must be able to bring new campaigns online as well. These changes need to be made quickly and directly by the customer wherever possible. The Spoken Platform offers powerful self-service options that enable customers to be self-sufficient and responsive.

Metadata and Big Data:

The information that defines the “envelope” of the customer conversation – call data record (CDR), customer and agent history, call durations, queue lengths, workflows – can offer insight into interaction success and customer satisfaction. Even deeper understanding of customer satisfaction, contact center process optimization, revenue enhancement, and cost reduction comes from opening the “black box” of voice to reveal the rich content of interactions. While much can be understood from each conversation, the ability to analyze and learn from all conversations for a customer, or across all customers, can provide even more knowledge, to support the development of knowledge bases and best practices. The Big Data ocean of conversations, whether from voice or other channels, is mined in the Spoken Platform, and analyzed with deep learning techniques.

Scalability and High Availability:

Many contact center products are built to meet the needs of small to mid-sized call centers, and fail to meet the growth requirements as well as the seasonal dynamic requirements of large enterprise contact centers. Expansion for on-premise solutions can require costly and disruptive “forklift upgrades.” To provide continuous operation across hardware and software failures, redundant investment is required. The Spoken Platform is built for seamless scalability to support the enterprise-scale workloads of many enterprises, and is deployed in a geo-diverse distributed network to meet locality-of-data, reliability, and performance requirements.