Work from Home

Work from Home

Empower Remote Agents and Build the Contact Center Without Walls

Spoken ConversationCenter is optimized for widely distributed contact centers. It can turn every agent’s home into a high-powered contact center location, providing a cost-effective work-at-home solution that improves satisfaction for both customers and agents.

Spoken Hybrid ACD can route calls and manage queues at home locations using standard telephony and internet connectivity. Every agent, every call, every conversation is accessible to supervisors and connected to other agents as if they were in the same call center. The voice recording, screen capture, and voice and business intelligence tools are available from anywhere. The Virtual Agent Desktop function makes it easy to publish and control the tools and applications agents need, without costly hardware investment.

With the Spoken solution for Work from Home, outsourcers and enterprises can:

  • Easily manage their workforces, tapping the best personnel whether they are nearby or thousands of miles away
  • Scale teams up and down depending on seasonal, event-specific, and campaign-specific requirements
  • Increase agent productivity and improve attitude by eliminating stressful long and inclement-weather commutes

100% of all conversations between agents and customers are tracked across both channels and locations. All of the functions that are deployed on the Spoken Platform work together wherever the agent, supervisor, and customers are – from ACD and IVR to voice intelligence as well as workforce optimization tools.

The Spoken solution for Work-From-Home empowers agents to deliver the most comfortable and productive interactions, while offering businesses new levels of flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and quality.


July 21, 2016