Quality Monitoring

Quality Monitoring

Monitor, evaluate, and coach agents for high-quality conversations

Spoken ConversationCenter does more than just route calls and orchestrate conversations. It also provides tools for continuing improvement and quality assurance, both in real time and after the fact. The Spoken solution for Quality Monitoring leverages ClearMetrix for clear insights into current performance metrics, powering the ability to clearly spot coaching opportunities. Agent performance can be improved via custom evaluations, live call monitoring, and online coaching.

Flexible forms, weighted attributes, and conditional scoring help supervisors identify the agents that need coaching the most, and tailor it to the areas with the greatest potential for improvement. Detailed audio and screen recording lets each interaction be evaluated either manually or automatically using call transcripts and speech analytics. Centralized interaction playback and 24/7 access allows you to view 100% of recordings from all locations in one central place at any time.

The Spoken solution for Quality Monitoring makes accurate evaluation and ongoing improvement a reality through:

  • Custom realtime dashboards with dynamic and configurable alerts for immediate notification on performance issues
  • Unbiased online calibrations and audits evaluating each agent equally on standard criteria based on skill-based custom forms
  • Online coaching and self-coaching for continuous improvement

You can also add optional third-party evaluations by trained, objective HyperQuality evaluators.

The Spoken Quality Monitoring solution helps businesses acquire and train the best agents, and remediate performance issues as they occur, for world-class teams and unrivaled customer satisfaction.

Spoken Quality Assurance Monitoring Solution

February 21, 2016