Directory Assistance

Directory Assistance

The Smart Guided Experience for Accuracy and Efficiency

Directory Assistance providers need to provide accurate responses to callers in as little time as possible. Cost containment pressures make a fully human-interactive team of operators difficult to justify. The Spoken Directory Assistance solution is built on Guided IVR technology to meet the responsiveness and accuracy needs of callers, at affordable provider cost.

When the Spoken Platform speech recognition can understand a caller with a high degree of confidence, the automated workflow continues. If at any time in the conversation the system has lower confidence about a caller’s meaning because of hesitation, misspeaking, or interference, the answer can be flagged for interpretation and real-time correction by a Silent Guide. At the same time, the interaction continues, asking clarifying questions such as business/residential, type of business, and more, while the Guide ascertains that data is good.

The Spoken solution for Directory Assistance can:

  • Reduce the percentage of calls redirected to live agents
  • Provide disambiguation between multiple listing options
  • Increase call efficiency while saving costs – Silent Guides can monitor up to ten calls at once

The voice intelligence of the Spoken platform can make the Directory Assistance experience more accurate, more efficient, and more cost-effective.

Spoken Directory Assistance Solution

January 4, 2016