Customer Service

Customer Service

Deliver world-class customer satisfaction. Any way they choose.

Customers have far more options for how to engage with businesses than they did in the past. Some choose voice, others email or web chat, and some prefer social networking tools such as Twitter or Facebook. Some opt for high-touch agent interactions; others prefer self-service. Full-service contact center solutions must support every channel, whether voice or digital, and every engagement style.

Spoken ConversationCenter delivers on all points. It empowers enterprises and outsourcers to meet customers on their own turf, and to provide world-class service cost-effectively. Organizations can both operationalize and reduce expense, eliminating the headaches of hardware ownership and maintenance. The Spoken cloud platform meets the security, compliance and availability needs of modern businesses.

The Spoken solution for customer service maximizes customer satisfaction and reduces cost through:

  • Seamless end-to-end conversation tracking – between voice, chat, social platforms, and email channels, from automated tools to live agent and back as needed
  • Radically simplified interaction for a solution that is simple to buy, simple to own, simple to use, and simple to extend
  • Comprehensive engagement history and powerful analytics that combine with revolutionary deep learning techniques to get all the information customers require

The Spoken solution makes agents more productive, contact centers more responsive, and customers happier and more likely to provide repeat business.

Customer Service Solutions from Spoken

August 1, 2016