Avaya in the Cloud

Avaya in the Cloud

Keep Avaya. Leverage the Cloud. Have it all.

Technology decision makers are often faced with a difficult decision. A transition to the cloud for contact center infrastructure and technology feels inevitable. But what is the best way to do it while reducing disruption, guaranteeing reliability and managing cost?

For some companies with large investments in Avaya infrastructure, an Avaya-based cloud solution offers the best mix of risk-management, scalability, cost efficiency and business agility. The Spoken Avaya in the Cloud solution delivers the best of all worlds – at a reasonable cost.

Choose Spoken ConversationCenter for Avaya to:

  • extend your existing contact center solution by adding work-from-home agents or new locations
  • enhance your Avaya ACD solution with the power and flexibility of Spoken ConversationCenter workforce optimization and voice intelligence
  • replace your on-premise Avaya equipment with the Avaya in the Cloud implementation to preserve skills and save on costs

Businesses can protect as much of their Avaya investment as needed – and gain all the power of Spoken ConversationCenter.

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Avaya-based Cloud Solution from Spoken

June 21, 2016