Increase accuracy and reduce opt-outs with accurate speech recognition enhanced by human Silent Guides

  • Support multiple response modes: DTMF, speech, and guided IVR
  • Attain higher customer satisfaction when callers can explain their request in their own words
  • Reduce transfers using superior speech recognition, data-driven workflows, and powerful integration with enterprise apps

Guided Interactions:

Spoken IVR uniquely combines speech recognition with human Silent Guides, who can correct translation in the background to improve accuracy. The cloud-based solution supports grammar-based speech recognition. The system can ask open-ended questions such as “How may I help you?” while using a predefined grammar (which is constantly being fine-tuned) to determine the reason for the call.

Secure IVR:

In addition to the powerful security and compliance capabilities of the Spoken Platform, Spoken Secure IVR enables PCI-compliant collection of credit card and other sensitive data. Agent never see nor hear the data, and the call recording segment is masked for ultimate data security. Agents see notifications of the caller’s actions without ever seeing nor hearing the data entered.

Effective Customer Surveys:

Gain insights into the customer experience by using either DTMF or grammar-based speech recognition to collect and report customer survey responses. Customize the grammar for names, addresses, or other custom data unique to your needs.

Rich Reporting:

Monitor and tune your IVR efficiency with standard and customized reports, including system performance, payment transactions, opt-outs and replay requests.

Wide Variety of Applications:

The flexibility of Spoken IVR grammar-based speech recognition and adaptive conversation container logic makes IVR functionality applicable to a broad range of business purposes, from customer service and technical support to inbound sales and marketing to directory assistance.