Why Spoken?

Get more from your digital conversations than you ever thought possible.

Conversations are essential. They close deals and solve problems. Conversations with customers. Conversations with buyers. Conversations between partners. Every day thousands of conversations are going on inside of a business, within and across digital channels. Some over in an instant, while others span days or weeks. Spoken is helping businesses get more from each and every conversation to drive better outcomes throughout the business.

Solving the Voice Problem

In business, live voice conversations are a most precious resource, powerful and challenging. Even in today’s digitally enhanced world, voice conversations make up more than 50% of business communications. And in many industries it is increasing as businesses use voice to gain market share or repair customer relationships.

Much has been done over the last ten years to make “the call” digitally manageable. Yet the conversation occurring within the call is still considered to be a “black box”: opaque, impossible to analyze or interact with.

Spoken has solved this voice problem. Spoken converts live voice conversations into information-rich digital streams. Real-time digital representations of voice conversations that can be analyzed, managed and interacted with in profound ways. This patented approach lets Spoken deliver a game changing set of capabilities for contact centers that impact all aspects of the business.

From Contact Center to Conversation Center

The voice channel is essential to business, but it is not the only one. Today conversations occur on email, chat, SMS – and soon, through intelligent voice-enabled services, like Alexa, Siri and Cortana. Not only within each of these channels but across them, spanning minutes or weeks.

To help business get more from each and every digital conversation, Spoken first had to solve the voice problem. Once voice conversations were converted to a real time digital format Spoken extended this format to encompass all digital conversations regardless of channel. This provides the foundation for exceptional OmniChannel capabilities in Spoken ConversationCenter. Rich experiences for both customer and agent. Cross channel capture and analysis of every single conversation. In the moment responses. Scale and effortless administration. Spoken gives you this and much more.

We Continue to Innovate

The pace of change is accelerating. The ways that people can communicate with each other are expanding and evolving at an astounding rate. It seems like every year there is a new opportunity.

Industry leaders look to deliver richer experiences for their customers but often the capabilities are simply not available or come with massive IT costs.

Spoken is an industry innovator. Since 2005, Spoken has been working on bringing conversations fully into the digital world. With a globally recognized team of scientists and engineers and over 150 patents, Spoken continues to work on solving tomorrow’s problems, today.

We are leading the industry in investigating how AI, deep learning and bots can help businesses learn more from their conversations and improve responses and interactions.

Deliver spectacular service for all conversations simply
with Spoken ConversationCenter.

Why Choose Spoken?


Conversations are the Lifeblood of Business

Spoken extracts understanding from billions of conversations to deliver better service at every level, improve workforce performance and increase operating margins.

Great Service, Simply

Enterprise demands scale and efficiency, customers demand service. Spoken delivers a solution that strikes the critical balance between service quality and price performance.

Scale, Scale and More Scale

Designed specifically to meet the needs of enterprise call centers with thousands or even tens of thousands of agents, Spoken is built to scale as far and fast as you do.

Security Matters

Voice Verification, Encryption, and Secure Cloud offer world-class security protection across all conversational channels.

Better Outcomes for All

Both customers and agents get better results because SpokenAI decodes conversations at warp speed, determines the right response using deep learning, and returns that information instantly to the system or live agent.


Spoken is compatible with existing infrastructures such as Avaya, so you can on board additional capacity smoothly, efficiently and with no downtime for agent retraining.