Spoken ConversationCenter

For 21st century customer conversation.

The role of the contact center is evolving. Gone are the days when consumers would stay loyal despite frustrating customer service experiences. Today’s users expect to be able to start and complete a conversation that spans channels – voice, email, chat and SMS – and their tolerance for delay or disruption is continually diminishing. Enterprises recognize the imperative to meet this higher bar for service, but the challenge is doing it efficiently at scale. Until now business leaders have been forced to compromise between cost and quality.

Spoken ConversationCenter meets both the quality expectations of the consumer and the cost-efficiency demands of the enterprise. By leveraging the benefits of a true cloud platform, Spoken eliminates legacy costs and removes infrastructure management as an ongoing cost center. It delivers unparalleled capabilities across all channels, including intelligent voice communication analysis that allows agents to perform as never before. With Spoken ConversationCenter, enterprise has the tools, budget and and bandwidth to focus on what the consumer really wants -seamless customer service experiences.

Why Modernize?


Because the customer conversation has changed

While voice is still important, today’s customer conversation has expanded across devices and channels


Because the cloud offers game changing economic advantages

Move CapEx to OpEx with pay-by-use subscription and eliminate hardware to reduce total cost of ownership


Because security and privacy standards mandate compliance

Regulated industries require enforcement of PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and industry and national specifications

Spoken ConversationCenter offers a complete, integrated solution that is:

  • Designed from the platform up as a single integrated solution for enterprises and outsourcers
  • Powered by advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities
  • Radically simpler for the agent and supervisor experience
  • Leading the innovation curve for contact center technology

So good, it’s like a contact center with a soul.