Look, listen, and learn about the ease and flexibility for Spoken ConversationCenter deployments, the power of Spoken technology, and the ability to leverage existing investments in Avaya infrastructure. See demos of key capabilities.

Spoken ACD

Spoken ACD has benefits for the entire enterprise. For the CFO, it’s pay-as-you-go pricing, For IT, it’s seamless transition. Agents benefit from easy login. Supervisors prefer it for transparent views into real-time and historical call data. Explore the full user experience by clicking the video icon to the right to view the three-minute demo video.

Spoken ConversationCenter powered by Avaya

Transitioning from Avaya call centers to the cloud can be disruptive. So when Spoken partnered with Avaya to craft the innovative Spoken ConversationCenter powered by Avaya, the focus was focused first and foremost on continuity of service, to ensure that every cloud transition would be friction-free. The Spoken ConversationCenter powered by Avaya solution combines the well-known Avaya experience, using either existing on-premise equipment or the Spoken Avaya ACD in the cloud, with a host of innovative and cost-saving applications to add scalability, flexibility and business agility to contact center operations.

Spoken Reporting

The modern, clear Spoken reporting interface makes is easy to use immediately to access essential analytics. Modern high-density visualizations such as heat maps make performance obvious at a glace and facilitate quick and easy drill-down to analyze performance issues.

Spoken IVR

Increase completion rates with the patented Spoken Guided IVR. When speech recognition flags a caller response with a low confidence score, rather than asking the caller to repeat the response, Spoken IVR continues to the next question and sends the utterance to a Silent Guide for correction. With each Guide monitoring up to ten simultaneous calls, customers gain increased recognition rates, completion rates and caller satisfaction scores.

Spoken IVR for Directory Assistance

This patented implementation of Spoken IVR is adapted specifically for directory assistance. By leveraging Silent Guides to provide a more exact and smoother experience, customers gain increased recognition rates, completion rates and caller satisfaction scores.

Spoken Secure IVR

Credit card and other sensitive data are collected in a PCI-compliant manner with Spoken Secure IVR. The agent never sees nor hears the data, and the call recording segment is masked for the ultimate in data security.


Whether used with HyperQuality agent evaluation services or custom quality forms, ClearMetrix is the easiest way to access and act upon quality forms, reports, charts and evaluation attributes. Even calibrations can easily be performed online with no hassle.

Virtual Agent Desktop

The Citrix-based Spoken Virtual Agent Desktop is easy to use. This login demo video shows the agent experience with logging in to a custom Citrix application tray and then into a softphone application (IP Agent).