Success Stories

See how Spoken customers have taken the journey of migrating their contact centers to the Spoken Platform to attain significant cost savings, gain flexibility and reliability, and reach highest levels of customer satisfaction with innovative, easy-to-use technology solutions.

Case Study: The Neat Company

neat_case_study_thumbnail_LRThe Neat Company, a private company offering a smart organization system, needed to segregate customers entitled to live support from those best served by web self-service.

Spoken IVR was implemented, with the following business impact:

  • Increased self-service rates to 73%
  • Reduced Average Handle Time by 12%
  • 30% decrease in misrouted calls

“In just the first quarter of the year, we saved what equated to an average of seven full-time agents’ hours through the automation provided by Spoken IVR.” —Jeff Gove, VP of Customer Care Operations

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Case Study: Guthy|Renker

smart-ivr_case_study_thumbnail_v1Guthy|Renker, a $1.5 billion direct marketing company, implemented Spoken IVR to increase self-service rates while improving marketing agility.

Business impact:

  • Increased caller identification rate by ~10 percentage points
  • Increased caller intent rate by ~10 percentage points
  • 10%-45% containment in self-service
  • Increased flexibility and agility

“The biggest benefits of Spoken IVR are the ability to grow and iterate the IVR in a fluid and continuous manner. The system’s agility and flexibility allows us to immediately address caller issues that we discover through the call data.” — Renée Epple, VP of Customer Care and Voice

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Case Study: Spiegel

spiegel_case_studySpiegel, a direct marketing company, adopts the Spoken IVR to reduce opt-outs, increase completion rates and implement 24-hour self-service.

Results included:

  • 8% of calls handled 100% within the self-service IVR
  • Average Handle Time reduced by average 57 seconds
  • Increase in revenue per agent
  • Overall budget savings of 16%

“Spoken IVR is far more effective and efficient than IVR alone.” — Tom Scott, CIO, Spiegel Brands, Inc.”

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Case Study: Arise Virtual Solutions

arise-case-studyArise Virtual Solutions, a leading outsourcer, implemented the Spoken ConversationCenter platform for over two dozen of its customers to enable scalability, reliability and cost efficiency.

Business impact:

  • Transitioned 24 client tenants from on premise platform to Spoken cloud platform without a single rollback
  • Reduced internal support calls by 99%, resulting in an operational savings of over $340,000 per year
  • Helped to triple revenue from $50 million to $150 million over a period of two years

“We chose Spoken because of the platform’s exceptional ability to scale for spikes in capacity. The ability to easily double or even triple a client’s agent workforce on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is hugely beneficial and highly efficient.”— Martin Ingram, CIO, Arise

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