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Read what thought leaders at Spoken and throughout the industry have written on technology, best practices, and business issues in the world of voice and call center technologies and solutions.

White Paper: Modern Call Center Best Practices in the Age of Siri

Siri_essay_thumbnail-e1470897799673Siri and smartphone virtual assistants like it have affected the modern contact center with the promise of Star Trek: the dream of Star Trek was the elegance of saying “Computer, shields up!” and having the command carried out instantly. But most Interactive Voice Response systems fall short of that promise, which is one reason why additional communication channels are on the rise.

But that dream of an elegantly effective voice channel is still alive today: in a Forrester survey, 79% of respondents reported they still prefer the phone to other customer service channels. Ten percent actually reported preferring using the automated speech recognition system. In short, we cannot forget the voice channel when talking about making your call center mobile-ready!


White Paper: Why Cloud Call Recording: A Technical Analysis

Cloud_call_recording_white_paper_thumbnail_shadow-e1470898425898Call recording—or, more precisely, the audio capture of contact center interactions—are at the heart of most quality operations. But is on-premise call recording really the best solution for the modern call center?

In this technical analysis, you’ll discover how to consider a variety of factors, including:

  • The cost of deployment
  • Scalability options
  • Hidden costs
  • Technical advantages and disadvantages
  • Benefits and drawbacks of both options

This matter-of-fact technical analysis lays out the benefits and drawbacks of on-premise versus cloud call recording to help you make the decision that is best for your IT and customer needs.


White Paper: Remote Agent

Remote_agent_white_paper_thumbnail_shadowContact Center Without Walls: Harnessing the Power of the Remote Agent Model

Are you ready to move your operation to the cloud and enable a remote agent model?

In this white paper, you’ll discover:

  • How to address productivity concerns
  • Proven benefits of remote agents
  • Checklist for selecting a cloud provider
  • Tips for vetting cloud vendors
  • Tips for recruiting and vetting remote agents


The Spoken 2015 Call Center Survey

2015_Call_center_report_thumbnail_shadow-e1470900012801How do customers actually use the contact center in 2015? Is multichannel worth the hassle? Is the phone dying as a preferred customer channel?

The Spoken 2015 Call Center Survey help you discern how customers view our efforts to improve the customer experience within the call center and gives actionable recommendations to align call center initiatives with customer expectations. Find out:

  • How did customers use contact centers in 2014?
  • How do customers rate the contact center experience?
  • What actions can contact centers take to align with customer expectations in 2015?