Full-featured native cloud ACD with high scalability, quick time-to-market, and cost efficiency.

  • Deliver native omnichannel support with Intelligent routing based on channels & skills
  • Gain agility, flexibility and scalability while saving the infrastructure and maintenance costs of a traditional phone switch
  • Build or tailor adaptive containerized conversation workflows with easy frontend and backend integration

Hybrid ACD:

Whether you are currently using an Avaya legacy system or a conglomeration of disparate on-premise automatic call distributors from other providers, Spoken ACD can extend, enhance or replace your existing infrastructure.

No infrastructure and maintenance costs:

Avoid the capital expense of on-premise hardware plus installation and integration, facilities allocation, in-house staff and downtime for moves, adds and changes, as well as additional on-premise servers for redundancy and security.

Deploy quickly and avoid integration:

Migration to the cloud doesn’t have to be a challenging or disruptive process. Customers can simply point existing carrier numbers to Spoken and keep existing infrastructure in place. Spoken ACD supports both SIP and TDM call routing, accommodates dynamic concurrent capacity, and allows the customer to either bring their own carrier-provided numbers or use numbers provided by Spoken.

Scale Instantly and Pay for What You Use:

Spoken ACD scales with the customer’s business. It replaces the inefficient pay-for-peak model with capacity-on-demand, so customers pay only for what’s used. There is no need for additional capital to scale, no long purchasing cycle, and no additional costs of unused capacity. Customers can accommodate seasonal peaks in volume without any additional capital investment.

Self-serviceable and Configurable:

With 24/7 self-service access, administrators can make changes to the system on the fly. A configurable agent interface lets administrators create custom disposition forms, enable agent voicemail, send alerts, and collect feedback. Manage the ACD yourself with the ability to add skills, announcements, and phone numbers, as well as manage users.

Complete and Seamless Solution:

Spoken ConversationCenter delivers a full suite of applications all natively built on the Spoken Platform to ensure compliance, security, multi-tenancy, high availability, and platform level metadata collection. Applications such as SmartIVR, Call Recording, Voice Assessment, Call Transcription and Speaker Verification work together to bring the soul back into the voice experience.