About Us

For the customer, for the business…
it’s all about the conversation.

Spoken was founded in 2005 to put the soul back into the voice experience so that it is the most refreshing channel for business conversations. Pursuit of this vision has resulted in Spoken ConversationCenter, the first conversation-centric solution for the contact center. The perfect balance of service, intelligence and cloud efficiency for enterprises and business process outsourcers.

Spoken ConversationCenter
for the Enterprise

  • Replace CapEx with lower OpEx
  • Add omnichannel capabilities on an integrated platform
  • Flex resources to meet seasonal and campaign demands
  • Preserve training investment in Avaya ACD
  • Free IT staff and budget for revenue-growth services

Spoken ConversationCenter
for the Outsourcer

  • Scalable multi-tenant architecture
  • Built to support Work from Home teams
  • Cost-effectiveness of a native cloud
  • Pay as you go: match cost to revenue
  • Rapid client on-boarding