Automated Voice Assessment

At last, an efficient way to evaluate the suitability of a potential agent's pronunciation and speaking voice. Automated Voice Assessment

Spoken's AutoAssess automated voice assessment product automatically assesses a potential agent's pronunciation against comprehensibility standards--in three minutes flat.


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Automated Voice Assessment

AutoAssess is a revolutionary automated voice assessment tool that utilizes an intelligent IVR to assess comprehensibility of a potential agent's speaking voice based on a series of linguistic diagnostics designed by a sociophonetician. This three-minute IVR exchange saves time by automatically assessing whether a candidate' voice meets pronunciation and comprehensibility standards and delivers an automated suitability score within minutes.

Voice assessment pronunciation chartQualify a candidate's speaking voice in three minutes

  • Virtualize the candidate voice evaluation process
  • Minimize administrator evaluation time
  • Minimize agent qualification time
  • Prevent dissatisfied customers down the line
  • Receive automated comprehensibility score within 30 minutes

A comprehensive view of speech

AutoAssess is designed to identify candidates with a strong vocal suitability and comprehensibility score while flagging for further review those with communication patterns that might result in a lack of comprehensibility in a conversational telecomm situation. Potential agents are graded against designed enunciation markers in both prepared and unprepared speech for a full view of agent speech capabilities. However, managers never give up full control. Administrators are empowered to train the system to tune tolerance up or down and to override any candidate's pass, fail or uncertain score.


AutoAssess Voice Assessment


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