Spoken Smart IVR

The Spoken Smart IVR: patented speech recognition that actually works. Conversational IVR

The Spoken Smart IVR innovates over traditional speech recognition IVRs by utilizing a unique hybrid model combining automated speech recognition with real-time, invisible human intervention for superior accuracy and the smoothest customer experience.



"I consider Spoken Communications’ guided self-service solution to be a breakthrough in the current state of voice response technology. Spoken Smart IVR with Guided speech is far more effective and efficient than IVR alone."
Tom Scott, CIO, Spiegel Brands, Inc

The Spoken Smart IVR difference

  • Enable automated self-service
  • Never ask a question twice
  • 60% ROI per comparable minute
  • Reduce operational expenses and AHT
  • Dramatically reduce opt-outs and misroutes

Enable automated self-service

Forays into automated self-service have hit one major barrier: automated speech recognition engines haven't advanced to 100% confidence, so each caller interaction with the IVR runs the risk of leading to an opt out or misroute. The truth is that even the most sophisticated ASRs available today only return an average of 40% accuracy over all speakers in all situations.

As a leading innovator in the field of speech recognition technology, Spoken's solution addresses the challenge of speech recognition: the issue of accuracy. By blending the best automated speech recognition engines with the safety net of real-time human correction, patented Silent Guides simultaneously monitor up to 10 calls simultaneously, making pinpointed utterance corrections in real time and enabling a 100% automated, self-service environment that eliminates caller frustration.

Enable operational cost efficiency

Silent Guides monitor simultaneous live calls on the average ratio of five or 10 calls to one Guide. When the automated speech recognition engine (ASR) gives a caller utterance a low confidence score, instead of repeating the question, the Spoken Smart IVR flags the utterance for the Silent Guide to correct while immediately sending the caller on to the next prompt. The Smart IVR provides proven return on investment for:

  • Caller identification and authentication
  • 24/7 self-service
  • Automated directory assistance


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