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The Spoken Secure IVR is a fully automated IVR solution that removes the human element in order to ensure security of sensitive caller data while providing PCI compliance.


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The Secure IVR Advantage

Only Spoken offers this unique solution to the sticky issue of ensuring security of caller data: the Spoken Secure IVR allows a live agent to transfer a caller to our unique, secure IVR to collect sensitive information in a secure manner and then transfer that data to your back end systems, all without the agent ever coming in contact with the sensitive data.

Ensure a secure, world-class customer experience

Keep sensitive data secure without interrupting the call flow. With the Secure IVR, when the system requires secure data, the agent instructs the caller to hit the pound key to transfer briefly to the Secure IVR, informing the caller of transfer back to the agent immediately afterwards.

As the caller enters the secure data, the agent can see that the data is entered but not the data itself. Instead, the agent sees a reference number to confirm receipt of the secure data. Meanwhile, on the customer’s back end system, the recording and social security number are safely stored for access by managers and administrators only.

If the call is being recorded by Call Recorder, the Secure IVR segment of the call is masked for ulitmate security. The sensitive data is only accessible with administrative password via the back end system.

The Spoken IVR Suite

Each of Spoken's IVR offerings can be combined with other applications and other IVR products, including DTMF IVR, Speech Recognition IVR, Spoken Smart IVR and Spoken Secure IVR.

  • English and Spanish are supported; other languages available on demand
  • English and Spanish voice talent is provided as part of the IVR service.
  • A web-based console, available 24/7, is provided to the client for uploading of digitized voice recordings and system configuration changes.
  • Standard and custom reports are provided, including system performance, caller ID, opt outs, re-ask and replay requests.
  • All IVR call flows are based on JavaScript and therefore uniquely flexible and programmable to support any business rules requested by the client.
  • All IVR call flow design and configuration is database-driven.

The following features are also included in all IVR products: full payment transaction reporting, holiday and disaster message activation, Text-to-Speech (TTS), transfer to any internal or external destination by predetermined call flow rules, continued DTMF call listening after agent transfer with DTMF string activation, customer satisfaction survey and automated new script deployment.

IVR pricing is per-minute, applicable only for the time the caller is actively engaged within the IVR system.


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