Virtual ACDs from Spoken

Hassle-free integration, scalability and a place to start in the cloud Avaya Virtual ACD

You want the benefits of a cloud-based ACD, including scalability, speed to market and cost efficiency. But you don't want to give up reliability, security or your existing on premise infrastructure.

If you have already invested in Avaya, Spoken offers the only cloud-based Avaya ACD publicly available today for a smooth transition with little to no retraining required, an easy place to start in the cloud.

If you don't require Avaya, the Spoken ACD is natively cloud and multitenant and programmed in JavaScript to make front and back end integration a breeze.


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What makes Spoken virtual ACDs different?

  • Full redundancy for reliability Many cloud platforms today offer one data center with no backup. Spoken's platform includes two geographically diverse, fully redundant data centers and a live-live configuration to protect you against outages.

  • Data security All seven of Spoken's US and overseas data centers are PCI Level 1 certified for the ultimate in data security. 
  • Scalability With either of these cloud-based ACDs, get full functionality with skills-based routing and the scalability and speed to market that only the cloud can offer.

ACD Features

  • Reliability Outages are not an option with this high-availability system. With seven international data centers, your call volume will be run across two geographically diverse data centers with both internal and geographic redundancy as well as replicated data connectivity.
  • Easy integration The Spoken stack sits in front of your existing infrastructure. Begin with 5% call volume while utilizing your legacy ACD and infrastructure; gradually increase call volume for a friction-free integration with full business continuity.
  • Licensing efficiency Gain licensing efficiency by paying only for maximum concurrent agents rather than named agents. Maximum concurrent agents refers to the maximum number of agents simultaneously logged into the system during a given month. This is favorable to the customer rather than paying for all named agents, which often far exceeds actual concurrent agency.
  • Cloud benefits Both the Avaya and Spoken cloud ACDs give you all the benefits of the cloud:
    • Replace capex with opex
    • Instantly scale from 10 to 1,000 agents with no capex
    • Increase speed to market
    • Gain full redundancy in a live-live configuration for 99.999% reliability
    • Easily enable remote agents

Avaya ACD features

  • Business continuity For organizations already using Avaya solutions, the cloud transition is simple and requires no retraining. Skills, routing and reports look and feel the same. Get your staff up and running immediately. 
  • CMS Get full access to standard CMS reporting with reports delivered via feed.  Keep your favorite reports for full continuity of Avaya service. Or try Spoken's advanced reporting through Spoken Engage, with a modern interface that is easy to use for anyone from the CEO to the front line agent. 

Spoken ACD features

  • Accessible open source Get easy access to write custom scripts using your own development team. Unlike most proprietary ACDs, the Spoken ACD is  coded in JavaScript to make front and back end integration simpler. Use your own JavaScript developers to write replicable, reusable customization applications without exorbitant professional services fees. 
  • Native cloud Gain all the benefits of cloud with the native cloud ACD: replace capex with opex, cost efficiency, reliability and native multitenancy. Easily support remote agents with the Spoken ACD internal chat feature to enable single and group chats among agents and supervisors.