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The Spoken cloud: 99.99% uptime, even if the zombies come

When transitioning a contact center to the cloud, reliability is essential. Spoken's philosophy is that a cloud platform should have more reliability and redundancy than is currently available through any existing on-premise solution. If you're going to entrust Spoken with your contact center operations, 99.99% uptime backed by superior redundancy is required.

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That's why our Avaya-based cloud platform follows contact center best practices for reliability: two geographically diverse, fully redundant data centers operating on a live-live model rather than a disaster recovery model. With a disaster recovery model, one data center sits idle and creates a possible point of failure as procedures and software fall out of date. However, with Spoken's live-live model, each data center handles 50% of call volume on a daily basis, so should a catastrophic failure occur in one site, all calls automatically fail over to the second, already-live site.

For a contact center cloud platform robust enough to survive the zombie apocalypse and yet flexible enough to integrate with your current infrastructure, contact Spoken for a free assessment of your current contact center's friction-free cloud transition today.


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