For Directory Assistance Finally, an IVR that fully automates directory assistance lookups

Spoken Smart IVR

Directory assistance and operator services rely on a high level of accuracy and efficiency. Spoken offers the ultimate directory assistance application with the Spoken Smart IVR that enables a higher level of self-service for callers and sends fewer calls to a directory assistance agent.

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So what makes Spoken IVR different?

Flexibile call flows

Flexible call flows

All IVR call flows are database-driven and based on JavaScript and therefore uniquely flexible and programmable to support your business rules.

Transparent reporting

Transparent reporting

Get insight into your IVR efficiency with standard and customized reports, including system performance, payment transactions, opt outs and replay requests.

PCI security IVR

PCI Security

Safely and securely collect credit card and other secure data from callers without the agent ever seeing or hearing the information with the PCI-compliant Spoken Secure IVR.


Spoken Smart IVR for Directory Assistance

Spoken's Smart IVR offering is a an efficiency powerhouse for Directory Assistance providers, offering the opportunity to drastically reduce the percentage of calls that must be routed to live operators.

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Choose your product

DTMF IVR & Surveys

Speech recognition IVR & Surveys

Spoken Secure IVR

Spoken Smart IVR

Voice Assessment



Get the highest level of accuracy with Spoken DTMF IVR and Surveys, supporting DTMF entry to collect and report customer responses. 


Grammar-based speech recognition

Grammar-based recognition offers the highest level of accuracy for speech recognition IVRs, and this cloud-based solution supports English, Spanish and a variety of other languages.



Gain insights into the customer experience by using grammar-based speech recognition to collect and report customer survey responses. Customize the grammar construction for names, addresses, or other custom data unique to your needs. 

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PCI Compliant Security

Collect credit card and other sensitive data in a PCI-compliant manner with the Spoken Secure IVR. The agent never sees nor hears the data, and the call recording segment is masked for the ultimate in data security.



No need to redesign your current call flow. The Spoken Secure IVR is a branch segment designed to be inserted where needed into live agent interactions or existing IVR call flows. A DTMF string can be triggered by either the agent or the caller to activates the branch.

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The agent sees notifications of the caller's actions within the script without ever seeing nor hearing the data being entered. A reference number is presented for data entry verification.

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Increase completion rates

Increase completion rates with the patented Spoken Smart IVR. When speech recognition flags a caller response with a low confidence score, rather than asking the caller to repeat the response, the Smart IVR continues to the next question and sends the utterance to a Silent Guide for correction. The result? With each Guide monitoring up to 10 simultaneous calls, increased recognition rates, completion rates and caller satisfaction scores.


Improve the customer experience

Most callers opt out of IVR automation the first time they are asked to repeat a response. Improve the customer experience by eliminating the need to ask callers to repeat themselves—let the Silent Guides make the corrections instead!


Implement 100% automated self-service

With the Smart IVR's Silent Guides improving speech recognition rates, more callers remain in the IVR to completion. One organization moved 8% of all call volume to 100% self-service automation with the Smart IVR.

Spoken Smart IVR Case Study – Direct Marketing

Spoken Smart IVR Case Study – Retail


Automated vocal comprehnesibility evaluations

Spoken Voice Assessment evaluates agent candidates with a strong vocal suitability and comprehensibility score while flagging for further review those with communication and pronunciation patterns that might result in a lack of comprehensibility in a conversational telecomm situation—all in three minutes through a simple IVR interaction!


Implementation and reporting options

Basic, Plus and Advanced versions are available, with the options for a short timeline with flat file reporting; IVR and API integration; or full integration with advanced reporting, including an online reporting dashboard. Easy pricing with a low fee for completed assessments only.

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Flexible call flows

Choose from a selection of prepared and readback passages designed by a sociophonetician or design your own utterances to evaluate candidates' vocal comprehensibility. Let our team design an effective call flow to evaluate agent candidates quickly and easily.

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