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Finally, an IVR that effectively fully automates directory assistance lookups.

Spoken offers the ultimate directory assistance application with the Spoken Smart IVR that enables a higher level of self-service for callers and sends fewer calls to a directory assistance agent.

The Directory Assistance challenge

Directory Assistance carries a unique set of demands and requirements to facilitate a speedy and effective caller experience. Directory Assistance providers are under constant pressure to provide accurate listings within an extremely time-sensitive call frame to satisfy caller demand.

Smart IVR for Directory Assistance

Spoken's Smart IVR offering is a an efficiency powerhouse for Directory Assistance providers, offering the opportunity to drastically reduce the percentage of calls that must be routed to live operators. With Spoken's unique patented software solution, the automated IVR can efficiently handle most of the caller requests, even when the caller doesn't speak clearly. As a result, more calls remain within the automated technology and fewer calls are directed to live operators. For a demonstration showing this ingenious automationg saving live calls from agent transfer, view our three-minute demo video.

Spoken's hybrid of human-assisted speech recognition automation can:

  • Make real-time corrections to unclear "city and state" responses
  • Make real-time corrections to unclear listing requests
  • Clarifying questions at point of use, including:

Is that a residential listing?

Please spell that for me.

What is the middle initial?

What type of business?

The DA difference

Spoken's powerful Directory Assistance functionality also provides automated disambiguation of multiple listing options, SMS delivery of listing results to wireless phones, voice search for general questions, such as "Who won the World Series in 1996?", custom advertisement insertion and customer satisfaction surveys.


Conversational IVR for Directory Assistance


Directory Assistance IVR demo video


Conversational IVR Demo Video
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