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Partial and 100% automated self-service solutions

Call centers devoted to technical support present a unique set of needs in terms of maximizing quality and efficiency. Technical support calls require integration with a back-end database and can represent longer call times due to the nature of the interaction. Spoken’s Guided Speech CVR helps build customer loyalty while reducing Call Center costs by maximizing live agent troubleshooting time and easily integrating with any back-end database of customer information.

Maximize call center efficiency

Spoken’s Conversational Voice Response values what you and your customers value: your live agents’ time and expertise. Spoken can help reduce operational costs and maximize live agent time by analyzing the caller experience to determine the appropriate balance between tasks that are best automated with CVR, such as caller identification, reason for call, order tracking and account balance checks, and those best performed by live agents, such as sales and upselling.

Catalogue sales and support

Spoken’s unique, patented CVR handles over 100,000 minutes of catalogue service and support calls every month, totaling millions of calls per year. Within 90 days of implementation, enjoy:
  • Reduced operational expenses
  • Improved average handle time
  • Reduced opt-outs
  • Easy scalability for growth
  • Consistent caller experience

Use case: ROI in the first 90 seconds

Spoken’s unique, patented hybrid technology is already in use at high-volume catalogue call centers nationwide. One customer enjoys:
  • 66% confirmation rates
  • Average Handle Time Reduction: 57 seconds
  • Overall budget savings of 16%
  • Increase in average revenue per agent

Read the case study here.

Friction-Free Integration

Spoken, the SaaS experts, integrate easily with any legacy system and customize each scalable implementation to the needs of the business. Unlike resellers, Spoken builds and maintains each proprietary system custom to your business needs, so every integration is quick, nimble and perfectly scaled to your business needs.

  • Integrate your back-end database
  • Custom Salesforce integration
  • See results within 90 days
  • Customizable quality and measurement tools

CASE STUDYConversational IVR case study


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Conversational IVR product sheet


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