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Improve contact center performance with clarity and ease.

Enhance the Quality of Every Customer Interaction

Spoken Workforce Optimization helps you hire, train, assess and optimally deploy world-class customer engagement teams.
It provides supervisors with tools to monitor conversations as they happen, and take action in real time to improve customer service.
Its powerful metrics give you continuous insight into individual and team performance, while helping ensure you match agents
to the right domains based on their skills and abilities.

Enhance the Quality of Every Customer Interaction

Boost Agent Performance with Quality Monitoring

Develop industry-best agents with progressive coaching tools and honest feedback. Hire, assign and nurture agents by analyzing speech clarity (including accents), listening comprehension and ease of expression. Review monitored conversations to assess and improve agent performance.

Record Conversations

Maintain government and industry compliance and enhance quality assurance with 100% end-to-end, dual-channel call recording. No more spot checks or cumbersome retrieval. Your agents and supervisors will have access to the complete context of a customer interaction - every time.

Ensure Better Call Outcomes in Real Time

Monitor and support agents with the ability to listen in on live calls, whisper coaching advice to the agent, or proactively barge in to save calls in real time. Track every screen and keystroke for supervisor playback and analysis, and map out optimal interaction paths.

Optimally Deploy Workforce Talent

Maintain a productive workforce by assigning the right employees to the right job at the right time to meet demand while optimizing the scheduling of staff.

"The platform did exactly what we wanted it to do: simplify the caller experience... to get our customers to the right place the first time."
—Jeff Gove, VP Ops, The Neat Company