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Bring unmatched accuracy, automation, and intelligence to the interactive voice experience.

Get a Smarter IVR

Delight your customers while reducing costly agent transfers with Spoken IVR. Take advantage of advanced automation,
patented speech recognition technology, adaptable work flows and true cloud agility to transform contact center efficiency—
all through a pay-as-you-go cloud service that reduces OpEx while eliminating CapEx.

Get a Smarter IVR

Empower customers to use their own words

With Spoken IVR solutions, your customers can state requests on their own terms, without having to repeat themselves or use certain key words. Better still, with its built-in machine learning, Spoken IVR gets more accurate with every interaction.

Boost IVR containment with Guided Calls

Keep customers contained within the IVR experience while you reduce live-agent hours by double digits. Our unique solution combines proprietary speech recognition with human guides who can quickly correct pronunciation and other errors silently in real time, boosting IVR containment rates by more than 20%.

Protect customer privacy with Secure IVR

Empower customers to transparently move between a live agent call and a Secure IVR environment where they can provide confidential information (such as credit card numbers) while keeping it masked from agents.

Adapt call flows on the fly

Easily adapt Spoken IVR to match whatever business rules your contact center requires. We support rich JavaScript and JSON programmable call-flows. In addition, we enable you to easily integrate CRM, other business applications and databases through web services.

Enhance performance with rich reporting

Monitor and tune your IVR efficiency with standard and customized reports, including system performance, payment transactions, opt-outs, replay requests and overall call times, providing valuable input for call flow and script improvement.

Support a range of business scenarios

The accuracy and flexibility of Spoken IVR solutions supports a broad range of business scenarios, from customer service and technical support to inbound sales and marketing.

"The platform did exactly what we wanted it to do: simplify the caller experience... to get our customers to the right place the first time."
—Jeff Gove, VP Ops, The Neat Company