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The industry’s leading native cloud ACD delivers seamless omnichannel communications, intelligent
skills-based routing, instant scalability, and rapid time-to-value.

Get the ACD Your Customers—and Your Agents—Deserve

An industry trend-setter, Spoken ACD offers the twin advantages of genuine omnichannel functionality and native cloud performance.
It uniquely combines intelligent skills-based routing, extensive built-in contact center capabilities, dynamic personalized
workflows and elastic, cost-efficient scalability.

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

Boost customer satisfaction with seamless omnichannel capabilities

Empower your customers to engage with you across all channels—voice, chat, email, SMS and social—while continuing conversations seamlessly and without disruption from one channel to the next. Maintain complete context end-to-end throughout every conversation regardless of channel.

Reduce your TCO by up to 30%

Move to the cloud with no infrastructure expense and minimal operating costs. Spoken ACD lets you replace your on-premise equipment at your own pace, while preserving your investments and skills.

Preserve Your Investments

Migrate Avaya to the cloud painlessly and without disruption. Preserve your training investments by enabling your agents to use the same Avaya-based tools they always have,greatly enhanced by the cloud. Do all that and more while lowering costs with flexible pay-as-you-go pricing.

Realize Rapid Time to Value

Migrate to the cloud without disruption. Simply point existing carrier numbers to Spoken and keep your existing infrastructure in place. With Spoken ACD, you can support both SIP and TDM call routing, accommodate dynamic concurrent capacity and use your own carrier-provided numbers or numbers provided by Spoken.

Boost agent performance up to 80% with a universal queue ACD

Optimize contact center resources with the ability to automatically assign agents to conversations across multiple channels based on their skills and availability. Improve agent performance by enabling them to follow conversations on all channels using a single pane of glass.

Scale Instantly and Pay Only for What You Use

Spoken ACD scales with your business. It replaces the inefficient pay-for-peak model with capacity-on-demand, so you pay only for what you use. Meet seasonal peaks in volume with no additional capital investment and never again pay for unused capacity.

"The platform did exactly what we wanted it to do: simplify the caller experience... to get our customers to the right place the first time."
—Jeff Gove, VP Ops, The Neat Company