Call Recording Solutions

Capture every call, every keystroke, every screen, end-to-end. Call Recording and Screen Capture

Spoken's call recording solutions bring 100% end-to-end call recording and screen capture capabilities to the contact center cloud with unique, on the fly secure encryption.


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Cloud-based call recording and screen capture

A growing number of businesses are subject to regulatory compliance such as HIPPA and PCI with respect to customer interactions, and secure call recording is essential to remaining compliant. Even non-regulated industries see the value of secure, end-to-end call recording for dispute resolution, quality assurance, agent training and business intelligence.

Spoken’s unique Dual-Channel Call Recorder provides a dual-channel audio solution for full talkover analysis with permissions-based access to call recordings and related call data via Spoken's PCI-compliant Recording User Interface. Screen Capture captures agent keystroke data for supervisor playback, analysis and download through a secure, web-based console.

PCI-compliant encryption

Government and industry regulations such as PCI have prompted many contact centers to maintain encrypted recordings of customer interactions. Spoken's Dual Channel Call Recorder provides call-unique encryption on the fly for the most secure call recording solution available today. Rather than encrypting with a common key that could risk exposure with every call, Spoken encrypts each call individually in real time with a unique key for maximum security and PCI compliance.

Maximize Contact Center quality

  • High-fidelity recording
  • End-to-end call recording, including IVR interaction, hold time and transfers
  • Web-based supervisor console available 24/7 for call listening and download
  • Call-unique, secure encryption on the fly


Call Recording Solutions


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