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The right data at the right time for the right action. Robust, real time analytics drive instant performance management from a single online dashboard. Business intelligence big data

Spoken Engage is the new web-based dashboard that will change the way you view contact center performance. Analyze real-time and historical data in one place with one-click access to team, site, skill and individual agent metrics.


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Spoken Engage: The big benefit of big data aggregation

The key to understanding contact center operations lies in the ability to analyze and act upon the wealth of data processed every second through the ACD, IVR and CRM systems that make up the beating heart of the contact center. Until now, this data has only been accessible via query and historical reporting. And every second that you are not aware of your contact center's performance is a lost opportunity for improvement.

Engage aggregates and visualizes call data from a plethora of sources: ACD call metrics, IVR caller input, CTI, speech analytics, call recording and even third-party databases. Data is presented in an interactive, color-coded heat map, so anyone, from the CEO to supervisor to team manager to agent, can easily pinpoint trouble spots and take immediate action to improve performance.

Key features:

  • Rich real time and historical data Engage presents a plethora of real time and historical data in one easy dashboard.
  • Custom data integration Engage easily integrates via API with your third-party databases, such as call revenue or CRM, for a customized overview of your contact center operations.
  • Intuitive interface Engage's color-coded heat maps eliminate guesswork and show exactly where problem areas lie.
  • One click drilldown Engage provides one-click access from metrics overview to agent page. Instantly listen to past calls, queue the agent for evaluation, monitor the agent's current live call or coach the agent.

Key benefits:

  • Immediate awareness of real time metrics without waiting for a report to be compiled
  • Democratic business intelligence via the intuitive interface that eliminates the barrier to entry for business intelligence
  • Instant performance management with one click from the real time overview to agent history and live call
  • No license fees to limit access to business intelligence


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